Invest Back Home (IBH)

IBH is a special service for those away from home and who would like to leverage on the opportunities in the property market in Kenya. We appreciate that making a material investment without the benefit of a personal involvement is not an easy decision. At the same time investing in off plan projects register emotional support animal or developing one’s property yields much higher value than investing in a complete project – prices of complete projects have in the past increased by over 50% from the initial off plan price.

Our value proposition is therefore to assist you fully leverage on the opportunity in a safe manner and our clarion call is that you engage professionals along the entire value chain whether B&G is involved or not.

IBH Off Plan Model

  • This is an offer to participate in B&H’s current project early on in the process in order to lock in the best value
  • We would require you to place a 20% deposit in an escrow account with a reputable lawyer until the show house is complete. You can reach out to the Law Society of Kenya ( for a referral
  • The 20% deposit would then be released to B&G with the balance due on or before project completion
  • Price: Off plan price if the payment schedule is adhered to

IBH Design & Build Model

  • B&G will enter a contract with you to:
    • Prepare unique property designs incorporating your ideas as the client
    • Obtain all requisite approvals required by the relevant county departments
    • Carry out construction in line with the latest technology in the industry
    • Provide construction supervision by our team of professionals to ensure quality and safety standards are met
  • You will provide partial payments as your project progresses with safeguards/ controls as outlined below.
  • B&G will require you to engage a professional Quantity Surveyor (QS) fully independent of B&G. You can reach out to Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya ( for a referral.
  • The QS will be your ‘eyes’ on the ground and will certify the work done for you after which you will pay B&G the agreed partial fee for the work done so far. You will then disburse an additional amount for the next phase of the project. The cycle will repeat until the project is complete.
  • B&G will also recommend that you also engage a local person to be based at the site permanently to verify the materials delivered. This can be anyone you trust but should you like to have a professional then a Clerk of Works would provide that service. B&G will have a Clerk of Works at a minimum and you could leverage on our professional if you are comfortable with the arrangement.
  • Fee: A flat fee of X% of the project cost

IBH Design Model

  • This service is for those who would like to get a unique design for their project but engage different professionals to deliver the project
  • You can also choose whether to engage B&G to procure the necessary approvals for you
  • Fee: X% of project cost for design and Y% for design and approvals


IBH Joint Venture Model

  • This service is for those with a piece of land but would like to invite a partner to contribute in the project realization
  • This would require valuation of the land and estimation of the total project cost
  • Upon agreement of the contribution levels the land would be transferred to a jointly owned company with the title held in ‘escrow’ by a reputable legal firm jointly agreed on
  • B&G would not charge the land to finance the project – this has been the bane of JV projects in Kenya
  • A robust JV agreement would have to be executed and you would have to appoint an independent lawyer. You can reach out to the Law Society of Kenya ( for a referral

Final contribution: Depends on the value of the land and total project cost

IBH Property Management Model

  • This service is for those with a property in Kenya which requires professional management. This can also be a natural transition after B&G develops your property
  • Fee: X%

IBH Listing Model

  • This is a service for you to leverage on the B&G website to advertise your property for sale
  • This would entail having the title document held in escrow by a reputable legal firm and signing of an agreement mandating B&G to procure a buyer for you
  • B&G will require you to engage a professional valuer to value your property or authorize B&G to do so. You can reach out to Institute of Surveyors of Kenya ( for a referral
  • Fee: X% of sale price

IBH Undeveloped Land Model

  • Through this model you can buy a parcel of land from B&G or mandate B&G to get you a suitable parcel depending on personal preference
  • You can use B&G in house lawyer or get an independent lawyer to represent you in the transaction. You can reach out to the Law Society of Kenya ( for a referral
  • Fee: X% of sale price

IBH Social Development Model

  • This is a service is for those who would like to Implement social projects back at home
  • If you would like to finance building of a school, hospital or any other project with a social impact then B&G will deliver the project at cost
  • B&G is happy to get to an arrangement where the finances are handled by an independent third party.