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Beach Head 1983 action / strategy game set during World War II. You play in different parts of the landing troops tried to take advantage of an island in the Pacific theater of war. At each stage of the game, which will be responsible for the remainder of the originalInvasion of moretopodhod to the final assault on enemy positions. Each stage is essentially different mini-games makes it very diverse gaming experience. Combined operationsBeach head was a critical hit when it was vypuschenyyv 80 years, and it’seasy to see why. Although rudimentary graphics (butambitious day), it combines a wide range of different types of games navigation driving record one package. You have to make a boat to the island to fight the enemy fleet, which manages the tank during the attack, and then take a heavily defended bunker vragizzemvat island.The controls are simple – basically just to drive a motor vehicle, sometimes shooting – sound minimalism. ClassicBeach deserved chairman 80s graphics and sound, obviously, can not be comparedwith modern equivalents, but the core gameplay is fun and interesno.Ako interestedthe history of video games this ambitious title is definitely worth checking out.



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Midtown Madness II roam free racing game that offers a single or multi-player mode. The game includes crisp graphics London and San Francisco, all the players can be tested, as desired by using a variety of vehicles klasik.Microsoft Windows as this game is fun and simple arcade easily dip a variety of vehicles and LandmarksIn Midtown Madness II players can choose from one set 20 cars real fun part of the game are capable of controlling the vehicle suchas styleDecker LondonAmerika or fire truck. MKV Player 2 Of course, there are some great classic cars Audi TT and VW Beetle and Mini Cooper are all popular choices. the cities of San Francisco and London is correctly created and include sights such as Big Ben and the Golden Gate Bridge. barutermasuk feature training to be a taxi driver in London or California practical car racer are welcome additions in the second game as well as some mtindoBora online racing entertainment and enthralling Driving dakruiz GameWith someand explore world-famous cities, and a number of large vehicles Midtown Madness II is a fun game to enjoy every moment.