About Us



Licensed as a contractor by the Kenya National Construction Authority, Build & Grow Africa Ltd “B&G” was formed by a team consisting of Architectural, Engineering, Legal and Finance professionals with the vision of growing togetherhttps://essayhelp-now.com/ with our clients and changing lives in the process.

B&G is a culmination of a market need for end to end value chain hellomd solutions for property investors. We are anchored on the key values of integrity, quality, affordability and green innovative solutions.

The property market has immense opportunity to diversify one’s asset portfolio while building wealth at the same time. It is however also fraught with risks and therefore it is important to <a href=”https://mmjdoctoronline.com/esa”>esa dog</a> approach property investment from an informed platform. It is against this background that we have dedicated a section in our website dubbed ‘Information is power’ to share pertinent information. Please note that this is not a substitute for seeking professional advice and we encourage you to consult the pertinent professionals depending on the nature of your desired investment.

We also appreciate that those living and working away from home may be keen to leverage on investment opportunities in the property market. To this end the “Invest Back Home” service is dedicated for this segment.

Investing with B&G is joining the

Mission: To be the player of choice and value in the property market by providing end to end property solutions to our clients

Vision: Growing Together, Changing Lives!